Being just over broke is definitely no picnic. It is a dreadful place of limbo – you are neither impoverished and bankrupt, nor are you unemployed. You have a job. You are making money. You are able to put food on the table. You are even able to pay all of your bills every month.

Life is great, right? After all, you are meeting all of you financial obligations. Sounds pretty respectable, right? And there are no doubt, less fortunate, underprivileged people out there who would give anything to trade places with you.

So what is there to complain about? Why is being just over broke such a big deal? Why can’t we just be grateful for what we do have? After all, it’s not like we are out on the street. It’s not like we aren’t being clothed and fed.

But herein lies the problem: You are just barely surviving. You aren’t truly living.

The only problem is that once all of your basic needs have been met, you don’t have any money left for recreation, for exploration, for adventure, for entertainment, for vacations, for philanthropy, for the pursuit of a hobby… Worse yet, you don’t even have enough money available for emergencies.

Life isn’t always predictable. Yes, you may have a routine with your work / school schedule. But you never know when you might incur unexpected expenses. These unexpected expenses can totally derail your life. They can break your morale. They can even spell out the difference between life versus death.

By its very definition, being just over broke means literally what it says:

If there is a scale that depicts your net worth, your wealth, or your cash flow, with 1 being completely broke with zero money and 10 being you have more money than you could ever imagine what to do with, then being just over broke might be a 2.

Being just over broke means that you are literally on the brink of becoming broke. You aren’t quite broke yet. You have money coming in and money coming out, but all it takes is one speed bump on the road of life, and you will descend into the downward spiral of financial annihilation.

Fortunately, help is just one mouse-click or screen-tap away. You have come to the right place. Here at, we are committed to helping you pick yourself up by your own bootstraps and get off of the hamster wheel of financial mediocrity.

We offer financial advice. But not just any financial advice. There are literally umpteen gazillion blogs and websites out there that offer up financial advice. Most of it is just the same old, timeless, rehashed words of conventional wisdom. Most of these self-styled financial gurus are out there peddling their advice, which is all well and good.

But their advice won’t make you rich. Their advice won’t bring you happiness and fulfillment. It will help you live a more disciplined life. But you will have to give up your Starbucks, you’ll have to pass up on watching that new movie in theater in favor of Netflix, and you’ll be buying a lot of things second-hand. In other words, their advice essentially teaches you how to settle for less than the best, and teaches you how to temper your expectations of how much you can afford.

At, we offer a radically different approach to achieving financial nirvana: We cater to your spiritual dimension. We believe that as human beings, we only get to live once, and we only have one chance to experience life, to take from this life and to give back to it.

Being financially solvent has spiritual and mental benefits too, not just material. You may have to live a frugal life financially, but we want you to live your best and most fulfilling life, spiritually. And we say this, because finances are just a means to an end.

We don’t live to make money. We make money to live. There has to be a balance between your professional life and your personal life. Money helps your personal life flourish.

We offer financial advice for the soul. If you follow the advice that we promulgate in this blog, then you will never be just over broke ever again.